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La Union Province, Philippines

Introduction | People | Beach | The Gateway | Attractions


The peaceful and prosperous province of La Union has plenty to celebrate and be grateful of. Contemporary La union residents owe much to their rich heritage of the past 150 plus years, including the pre - La Union years prior to its historic making in 1850. Today, La Union is considered "the gateway" to two regions, Ilocos and Cordillera, and serves as a "regional center" of the archipelago's first region.

La Union's pivotal role and crucial influence in the region as well as in the national affairs did not come easily. La Union had undergone through many socio-political and economic-cultural experiences such as the colonization of the tree imperial powers, that of Spain (1521 - 1898), United States (1898-1946), and Japan (1941-1945), the two world wars, the 1986 EDSA revolt, and the recent millennium anniversary. Indeed, although it naturally suffers from its small size, location, meager resources, it is also endowed with vast natural and potent human resources in terms of its educated citizenry.

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Throughout the entire 152 year-history of La Union, several sons and daughters have contributed to the evolving national history. Some of these names have a familiar ring to us today: Diego Silang, patriot and hero; Camilo Oasis, senator and educator; Francisco Ortega, Speaker pro-tempore; Alejo Mabanag, senator; Mariano Madriaga and Enrique Sobrepeña, religious leaders; Manuel Arguilla, author; Angel Anden, journalist and academician; Nicolas Zafra, historian and educator; Laureana Novicio - Luna, mother of the illustrious Luna brothers; Magnolia Antonino, senator and businesswoman, Manuel Cases, parliamentarian; Epifanio Castillejos, bureaucraft;, Joaquin Ortega, lawyer and assemblyman; Jose Aspiras, congressman and ex-secretary of tourism; Juvenal Guerrero, ex-justice of the Supreme Court; Victor F. Ortega, congressman and constitutional convention delegate and now governor; Fortunato Abat, soldier diplomat; Arteimio Tadiar, an officer and a gentlemen; Sixto Domondon, jurist; Melchor P Aquino, noted ambassador and columnist, Justo O. Orros, Jr. Ambassador to Mexico.

These are just few of those who have contributed unselfishly through their individual skills, talents and leadership, towards La Union's development and that of the nation. For indeed, La Union's richest resources are its people. It is through them that the province contributed to the unity, progress and prosperity of the nation.

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Since the advent of martial law in 1972, La Union has all the more progressed markedly. In commerce, merchants visit and trade from neighboring provinces. Every town has a "tienda" day. Aside from rice and tobacco, the inhabitants grow cotton, silk coconuts, cacao, mangoes and vegetables. The prime commercial and savings banks have their branches in San Fernando. Tourists are lured by the alluring beaches especially during the weekends. Thus, more new resort areas have mushroomed along the sandy beaches between Bauang and San Fernando. Filipinos have caught up the "Beach fever".

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Due to her strategic location as the "gateway", La Union has become the entrepot to the Ilocos and a by-way to the Cordilleras. The famous Kennon Road starts from the foothills of Rosario ascending up to Baguio City, the summer capital. The two other road arteries, Naguilian Road and Marcos Highway, have also contributed to easier transportation to the Cordillera region. Accessible by land, the province has contributed greatly to the easy transport of farm products from the "barangays" to the "ili" (town proper) or "poblacion". The provincial administrations from the 1960's to the present have enacted measures to further boost its socio-economic growth especially among the farmers and merchants.

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Shrine of Our Lady of Charity
Agoo, La Union
The Agoo Basilica enshrines the miraculuos image of the Lady of Charity. This imposing structure of Mexican Baroque architecture is the venture of Semana Santa Celebration.

Agoo-Damortis National Seashore
Agoo, La Union
Declared as a National Park, the beach stretches from Santa Rita, Agoo upto Damortis, Rosario, is proposed for development as the tourist destination in La Union.

Museo Iloko
Agoo, La Union
Situated at Agoo, La Union. Houses artifacts, religious icons and other pieces of importance to the Ilokanos.

Bauang Beach
Bauang, La Union
Lined along the fine grayish sand of Bauang Beach are establishments that provice accomodations and other amenities from Bacuit to Pagdalagan. The Beach stretches several kilometersof the City of San Fernando.

San Francisco - Canaoay - Pagudpud Beach
City of San Fernando
Tourist related establishments dot the stretch of the Beach of San Fernando.

La Union Botanical Garden
City of San Fernando, La Union
Different species of flowers and landscaped gardens. Located at Cadaclan, City of San Fernando.

Heroes Hill
City of San Fernando
Freedom park at Barangay II in San Fernando City. It really is a stairway to heaven…

Macho Temple
City of San Fernando
This Chinese Temple believed to be the only one built with five gates promontory north of the city of San Fernando and overlooks the San Fernando Bay. The temple enshrines the image of the Virgin of Casaysay, the patroness of the Filipino Chinese residents.

Marcos Park
Pugo, La Union
Compromising of 300 hectares of land, a part of which is located in Palina Pugo, soon to be rehabilitated and further developed into a mountain resort complex in Marcos Highway.

Pindangan Ruins
City of San Fernando
It could be found at Barangay San Vicente, San Fernando City. Historical Beauty of the past.

Shrine of Lady Namacpacan
Luna. La Union
The century old church of St. Catherine, houses the miraculuos image of Our Lady of Namacpacan. The shrine is located at the town proper of Luna.

San Juan Beach
San Juan, La Union
Approximately 8 kilometers north of the City of San Fernando, the beach stretches from Urbiztondo to Ili norte and is dotted with tourism-related establishments. The surf in the beach is ideal for amateur surfing during the months of November to February.

Tomb of the Unknown soldier
City San Fernando, La Union
Built as a tribute to the heroism of the soldiers who fought during the WWII. It stands at the junction leading Poro Point and the City of San Fernando.

Moro Watch Tower
Luna, Balaoan, San Juan, San Fernando and Bauang
Built during the Spanish period, watchtower dot eh beaches of Luna, San Juan, Balaoan, San Fernando and Bauang

Welcome Arc
Rosario, La Union
Gateway to Ilocandia, Baguio City and Pangasinan

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  Map of La Union Province
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